Foil applications

Outside applications

Avery Façade Film, 3M Window Frame film, Reface Renolit and Renolit structured and woodgrain films. These exterior films are especially developed on a relatively simple way for the renovation of weathered aluminium and PVC frames and weathered façade panels. These films can be applied directly over the existing profiles or panels without any extra threatment. The result is amazing! The advantages of these foil applications are:

  • Directly dust free (no driying time like with paint)
  • No odour-insured
  • At least 10 years garanty
  • It save you time and money compared tot traditional paint and façade renovation techniques

Inside applications

LG interior films, 3M Di-Noc, Avery Façade Film, Renolit structured foils. These interior films includes a total of more than 500 different designs, ranging from wood to suede and marble designs. A wide range of colors provides a completely new interior and a completely new look on doors, elevators, counters, walls and other coverings. The advantages of these foil applications are:

  • High impact resistance
  • Directly dust free
  • No odour-insured
  • Infinity continue painting belongs to the past
  • Easy to clean
  • Meets the requirements/standards of healthcare institutions

Solar protection and energy-saving films

The solar films are applied to all place where they are experienced harmful influences of the sun, like annoying sunheat, glare, fading and UV-radiation. Important energy saving is obtained by application of a low-e film in the winter (in other words the heat inside will be preserved) and savings in the summer on consumption cost for airconditioning.

Safety (security) films

Safety films are used to avoid injury when window glasses are broken, especially for government buildings, schools etc. Safety films provide a valuable contribution to reducing burglary and vandalism at building with a lot of glass surface. It can also serve as protection against broken windows in production halls.

Glass film / decorations glass films

FrontArt has a wide range of decor films for window such as etched films, frosted glass films, dusted glass films. In other words the privacy film for your window. It allows you to create a nice sandblast or milk glass effect on your windows. These films may possibly be equipped with logos and text or other expressions.

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