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Welcome to FrontArt, an ambitious growth and family business that gives its all to innovative, high quality film applications.

Three sites in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, a motivated team of 50 strong, more than 1,000 types of films in various colours and sizes in stock, and an impressive customer portfolio that includes such household names as McDonald’s, AB Inbev, Bel & Bo, Belisol, Aldi, etc. In 20 years’ time, FrontArt has registered robust growth and established a unique position in the renovation, construction and interior world.

Meet & greet Ellen Camp, the committed business manager that wants to establish FrontArt as a reference in Europe with an eye on the future.

“It all started back in 1999, when my father sought an alternative solution with his painting company to renovate PVC and aluminium door and window profiles. Painting was not possible, but the solution lay in self-adhesive films which are also used to coat aircraft. The films are ultra-thin but super strong. My father built up his business in the Netherlands and Germany, and in 2014, I brought FrontArt to Belgium. In the meantime, I have assumed the operational management of the business and am very proud that I can continue my father’s life’s work.”

FrontArt is specialised in the adhesion of film, pure and secure precision work, because every default, every groove and every crease is followed down to the minutest detail.

The films we work with have all sorts of advantages. They are elastic, without drying time, can be applied on all smooth surfaces, retain their colour for at least 10 years and are UV resistant, making them far more efficient compared to traditional paintworks or coatings. Large panels or small furnishings, climbing high office buildings or turning a lift cage into a golden specimen… everything is possible.

FrontArt likes to work together with companies from every sector. We are a proactive partner for interior designers, marketing firms, contractors, renovation companies, healthcare centres, etc.

We have all expertise in house: from skilful film installers and secure stickers to sales profiles and administrative talents. We delve into our impressive warehouse that boasts a large inventory and choose a tailor-made solution with a 10-year warranty. We see to a total makeover or rebranding in no time. You choose, we affix.

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