Foil applications

Façade Film

Really outdated aluminium window profiles? Weather-beaten or damaged PVC doors and windows? Façade panels in urgent need of renovation? The colour and branding of your shop’s front no longer in tune with the house style of your business? An office building with an outdated look?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for windows, doors and façade panels!

Our film specialists will renovate your aluminium, PVC and plastic façade panels, window profiles and exterior doors with a thin but super strong film in high gloss, silky gloss or matt which is applied with extreme precision to the last millimetre. No odour nuisance, no rebuilding works, no renovation frets or worries, and naturally robust savings on your budget. FrontArt sees to a total renovation and makeover of your façade in all possible colours or wooden grain films in just a few hours.

Interior Film

Doors, windows, walls, lifts, walls that are difficult to paint? An iron cupboard or desk that could use a thorough makeover? A wall that has to be made scratch-resistant?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for your interior and your furniture!

Our film specialists can customise every flat and smooth surface with super strong interior film in various colours and structures, from wood motifs to marble structures. A neutral colour or every colour of the rainbow? The choice is up to you! Our specialists cut and adhere the film in every format according to the rules of the trade, so that all the pieces fit perfectly without any overlapping. Working with film is particularly rapid, efficient and odourless to install.


Solar Protection & Energy Saving Glass Film

Tired eyes at work because of bright sunlight? Does a certain part of the house or office get too hot on sunny days? Do the colours of furniture or products in your showroom fade because of sunlight? Transparent glass that causes a lack of privacy?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for solar protection and energy saving film!  

During warm spring and summer days, bright sunshine causes a considerable rise in temperature in each room. Tired eyes, panting and sweating at the office, in a waiting room or at school? FrontArt is just a telephone call away! Our transparent glass film protects against heat radiation, filters UV light and brings the temperature down by at least 5 degrees. Furthermore, unpleasant glare on computer or television screens are a thing of the past, by way of a nice bonus.


Safety and Security Films

Clever anticipation of break-ins, theft and vandalism? Protecting your windows against heavy weather conditions? Protecting food production against glass splinters?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your specialist for safety film against break-in and broken glass!

We can provide your interior and exterior windows with a transparent safety film through a simple operation to give your glass an extra-protective layer. Safety films are installed to prevent injuries with breaking glass, flying shattered glass, or as an extra safety measure in the food processing industry and production halls. The invisible window film makes a valuable contribution to thwart break-ins and vandalism in buildings with large glazed areas by way of a nice bonus.


Repairing PVC windows

Has your PVC window been completely discoloured by sunlight? Did you order a wrong colour by mistake or is a colour difference perceptible on a certain window profile? Are there blisters or air bubbles on the PVC window profile? Undesired scratches, tears or scaling on plastic windows?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for the renovation of all your PVC windows!

When your PVC windows or sliding doors show the following symptoms: scratches, blisters, discolouration, powdering and scaling of the film – you must call FrontArt without fail. Our specialists willmake the right diagnosis and give you a clear price quotation. On reparation works on PVC windows is no guarantee.  Minor repairs, major renovation works or your windows in a brand-new colour? We are on the way!


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