Foil applications

Façade Film

Really outdated aluminium window profiles? Weather-beaten or damaged PVC doors and windows? Façade panels in urgent need of renovation? The colour and branding of your shop’s front no longer in tune with the house style of your business? An office building with an outdated look?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for windows, doors and façade panels!

Our film specialists will renovate your aluminium, PVC and plastic façade panels, window profiles and exterior doors with a thin but super strong film in high gloss, silky gloss or matt which is applied with extreme precision to the last millimetre. No odour nuisance, no rebuilding works, no renovation frets or worries, and naturally robust savings on your budget. FrontArt sees to a total renovation and makeover of your façade in all possible colours or wooden grain films in just a few hours.

Reasons to opt for façade film::

  • Rapid and simple installation, without drying time
  • A choice from an endless range of colours, structure and wood grain films
  • Elastic, super strong façade film in matt, high gloss, silky gloss
  • No unpleasant paint odours or nuisance during the works
  • Savings on renovation costs and rebuilding frets or worries
  • Renovation of window profiles, exterior doors and façade panels
  • Renovation of Trespa, MDF, prodema, Rockpanel, Multipanel sheets and many other façade panels
  • Restyling or rebranding of your façade or business premises
  • Ecological material and degradable product
  • 10 year warrantee (durability: 15 to 20 years)

FrontArt is your proactive renovation partner

Do you have doors, windows or panels that are difficult to paint? Then film is the perfect solution! FrontArt will come on site to gauge the situation and deploy all its knowhow and expertise to give you the right advice. From the renovation of simple window profiles to climbing of the highest tall buildings to revamp the façade panels. Our FrontArt specialists are keen on a tough challenge!

FrontArt always opts for quality!

Twenty years of experience, a team of 50 specialists and a fine portfolio with references in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have all been achieved thanks to a tight partnership with quality brands such as Avery Façade Film, 3M Window Frame Film, Sikkens Dry-Film, Renolit Reface, Renolit structure and wood grain films. We cross our heart and promise a 10-year warranty.