Foil applications

Repairing PVC windows

Has your PVC window been completely discoloured by sunlight? Did you order a wrong colour by mistake or is a colour difference perceptible on a certain window profile? Are there blisters or air bubbles on the PVC window profile? Undesired scratches, tears or scaling on plastic windows?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for the renovation of all your PVC windows!

When your PVC windows or sliding doors show the following symptoms: scratches, blisters, discolouration, powdering and scaling of the film – you must call FrontArt without fail. Our specialists willmake the right diagnosis and give you a clear price quotation. On reparation works on PVC windows is no guarantee.  Minor repairs, major renovation works or your windows in a brand-new colour? We are on the way!


Opt for film? Yes indeed!:

  • Rapid and simple installation
  • No nuisance and inconvenience during work
  • Sustainable restoration to the original state (all possible colours)
  • Dry in a millisecond
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Goodbye to maintenance and renovation costs
  • Ecological material and degradable product

FrontArt is your first aid for damaged PVC windows.

Scratches, blisters, powdering, shrinkage, discolouration in your PVC windows? Give us a call and we will be glad to give you advice to measure. Our specialists will be glad to advise you and bring all their technical expertise to bear to repair the damage in the original colour in a professional manner. Problems with your PVC windows? Set the FrontArt number on speed dial!

FrontArt always opts for quality and sustainability!

FrontArt repairs PVC windows for private individuals, companies and for professional dealers such as Belisol. Thorough cleaning, expert sanding and super tight adhesion for a custom finish?  FrontArt guarantees total (100%) quality.