Foil applications

Safety and Security Films

Clever anticipation of break-ins, theft and vandalism? Protecting your windows against heavy weather conditions? Protecting food production against glass splinters?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your specialist for safety film against break-in and broken glass!

We can provide your interior and exterior windows with a transparent safety film through a simple operation to give your glass an extra-protective layer. Safety films are installed to prevent injuries with breaking glass, flying shattered glass, or as an extra safety measure in the food processing industry and production halls. The invisible window film makes a valuable contribution to thwart break-ins and vandalism in buildings with large glazed areas by way of a nice bonus.


Reasons to opt for safety glass: :

  • No nuisance or inconvenience during the works
  • Glass becomes substantially stronger
  • Enormously high resistance to impact and tear
  • Anti-intrusion and anti-burglar effect
  • Impressive lifespan
  • Reduced chance of injury by flying glass
  • Dirt-resistant and scratch-proof product
  • Reduced discolouration of furniture or shop windows by UV radiation
  • Maintenance-free material

FrontArt is your safety specialist with professional glass films

Protect your glass against impact, theft, break-in and vandalism. We use a transparent safety film to turn all glass doors and windows in banks, shops, schools, crèches, healthcare facilities, hospitals, factories, production halls, etc. into safety glass. The film with a strong adhesive layer provides a strong backbone that protects you and your environment from flying shattered glass and splinters.

FrontArt always opts for expert advice!

FrontArt comes along with all its expertise to listen to your wishes. We examine the options together and give you customised professional advice. Our specialists install the safety film on existing glass, on surfaces large and small. We go over every finished project with a magnifying glass to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. No creases or bubbles? Double check!