Foil applications

Solar Protection & Energy Saving Glass Film

Tired eyes at work because of bright sunlight? Does a certain part of the house or office get too hot on sunny days? Do the colours of furniture or products in your showroom fade because of sunlight? Transparent glass that causes a lack of privacy?

>> Welcome to FrontArt, your film specialist for solar protection and energy saving film!  

During warm spring and summer days, bright sunshine causes a considerable rise in temperature in each room. Tired eyes, panting and sweating at the office, in a waiting room or at school? FrontArt is just a telephone call away! Our transparent glass film protects against heat radiation, filters UV light and brings the temperature down by at least 5 degrees. Furthermore, unpleasant glare on computer or television screens are a thing of the past, by way of a nice bonus.


Reasons to opt for solar protection and energy saving film::

  • Glass film or heat insulating glass film, Low E film
  • Rapid and simple to install, without trouble
  • Installation possible on the inside and outside
  • Transparent without unpleasant dimming
  • Easy maintenance
  • Goodbye to discoloured furniture or materials
  • No structural adjustments required
  • Energy saving in summer and winter
  • Ecological material and degradable product

FrontArt is your energy-saving specialist with Low E film.

A building with single or double glazing struggles with heat loss in winter and overheating in the summer. An energy-saving Low E film is a glass film with low emission that provides excellent interior and exterior insulation without restricting the view. This film can be used in virtually every window and provides better energy efficiency instantly in summer and in winter.

FrontArt always opts for personal advice!

Adverse effects of the sun in your home, office, shop window, waiting room, healthcare facility or school? We will listen to your question first and then come over to take stock of the situation:  how is the building oriented? What is the composition of the glass? How big are the windows?  Are there any shutters? FrontArt specialists draw on their extensive experience to provide the right advice on the application of solar protection and energy-saving glass foils whilst preserving light and view!